Wednesday, July 20, 2011

UP House

Carl and Ellie's house from UP is just a scene in a movie no more. An enterprising home builder in Herrimen, Utah has recreated the house, down to the last tiny detail. Bangerter Homes, in cooperation with the Salt Lake City Home Builders Association, built the life-size replica to bring visitors and buyers to their annual Parade of Homes. Disney & Pixar gave their blessing for the creation and sale of this fantastic house. The home features many recognizable features, such as the rolled garden hose and bright colors outside, and Ellie's paintings over the fireplace and in the baby's room. The home will be furnished for the Parade of Homes and will include specially created armchairs like Carl and Ellie's. The house, which has several bedrooms and a movie theater, is 2,800 square feet and is expected to list for $399,999. Personally, I love it!

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