Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brave merchandise

The Disney Store released several new Brave items today. My personal favorite is the Merida toddler doll. I just love the little smirk and gorgeous red hair! And at $24. 50, she's not even a bad deal for a 16 inch doll. They also have a Merida fashion doll, a soft doll, and a 10 figure play set.

Disney has also released several costume options for little girls. They have an adventure costume, like the one Merida wears on her adventure, as well as a formal costume, similar to the dress Merida wears during the archery tournament. There's even a wild and fiery red wig, full of tangled curls! To complete the look, Disney has created golden gladiator sandals, a golden knot-work tiara, and an archery set with a bow and quiver full of suction cup tipped arrows. (I know Bean would love the archery set because she has been begging for a bow every day since we went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival.)Disney has also created several t-shirts and pajama sets sure to delight little girls.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quote of the Week

I love the nostalgic myself. I hope we never lose some of the things of the past.
- Walt Disney

Monday, April 16, 2012

Georgia Renaissance Festival

Saturday, April 14th, was the opening day of the 27th season of the Georgia Renaissance Festival. We've been going to the Festival since 2005, but this was the first year that opening day happened to land on my birthday. I attended my first Renaissance Faire in Arizona in 2000. It was love at first sight! I've worn garb to every faire and have become quite adept at sewing period clothing. I make all of the clothing that my family wears to the Festival, and we've gotten rather elaborate in recent years. It is SO much more fun to go in garb. It's rather like going to Disney World decked out in Disney merchandise; anyone who spots you knows you're there to have a good time.
This year, we had the chance to watch a few of our favorite acts: Hey Nunnie Nunnie (Mother Redempta and Sister Philomena Claire) and Barely Balanced (Jimmy, Cameron, and Margaret, aka: Large, Medium, and Small). Hey Nunnie Nunnie has hilarious songs and terrible jokes, but it's a lot of fun to watch. And we watched Barely Balanced in their fire show, one of our favorites. Acrobatics, danger, and fire breathing, what could be better!? We also watched the joust from the premium seats, which was a lot of fun. We got a chance to meet the jousters, Sir Amadeo and Sir Edgeron, and they answered questions, signed pennants, and posed for pictures. We chose Sir Amadeo's side because he doesn't play fair and sometimes its fun to cheer for the villain. The Festival was wonderfully fun, as always, and I look forward to going again soon.
The Georgia Renaissance Festival is open weekends from April 14 to June 3, 2012. Adult tickets are $19.95 and children aged 6-12 are $8.95, children 5 and under are free.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quote of the Week

There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure Island and at the bottom of the Spanish Main... and best of all, you can enjoy these riches every day of your life. 
- Walt Disney

Friday, April 6, 2012

National Tartan Day

Today is National Tartan Day. First celebrated in 1997, it is a day to celebrate Americans of Scottish descent. April 6th was chosen because it was the day that the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320, a document that later inspired our own Declaration of Independence. The most famous quote from the document says:

"For so long as a hundred remain alive, we will never in any degree be subject to the dominion of the English. Since not for glory, riches, or honours do we fight, but for freedom alone, which no man loses but with his life."

Today is a day to celebrate all things Scottish, the people, history, culture, and food. Brave is celebrating this holiday on Facebook today. The event page features fascinating facts about movie, including a few about tartans and their role in the movie. Did you know that four new tartans were created specifically for the film? King Fergus of DunBroch and the three other clans, Macintosh, MacGuffin and Dingwall, each have their own new tartan. For centuries, stories and myths have been passed down through the generations in Scotland. Brave appears to be a wonderful new addition to this glorious tradition.

So wear your clan tartan with pride today and celebrate National Tartan Day!

Thursday, April 5, 2012