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Disney at heart is how I have often described myself. I have always loved Disney. One of my first toys was a stuffed Mickey Mouse whose nose I chewed off as a baby. My first real introduction to Disney was their specials on Sunday nights. I loved watching shows like World of Color and the campy movies like Mr. Boogedy. We didn't have cable because we lived in a rural area, so my Grandma would record movies and shows from the Disney channel for my sister and I to watch. We loved it! Now I enjoy watching Disney Junior shows such as Sofia the First and Jake and the Neverland Pirates with Bean. And I love Once Upon a Time.

Seeing Disney movies at the movie theater was always a special treat. I remember seeing Snow White when it returned to theaters when I was 9. It was so spooky, but I loved it! And when the Little Mermaid came out, I felt just like Ariel, a misunderstood teenager. Beauty and the Beast was my favorite movie for years! My sister and I loved Hocus Pocus so much that we even named our cat Binx! Disney's cartoons will always be a favorite, but I really enjoy their live action moves, especially the new Avengers movies.

I made a few trips to Disneyland as a child, but didn't really become addicted to Disney trips until I was an adult. Now, I'm completely addicted. I can't ever get enough time at Disney World. My sister and I have been known to jump into the car and drive the 6 1/2 hours to Florida for a long weekend after having a particularly bad week (such as the time the giant tree branch fell on our house.) I've had an annual pass, and managed to make it down to Disney World 6 times that year. I just love Disney World!

I have had a chance to visit Disney World during many seasons, and have even been to the Magic Kingdom on Christmas day, and EPCOT for New Years Eve, but my favorite time is Halloween. I love all of the decorations. And the special events are a blast: the Food and Wine Festival is an absolute must, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is a family favorite, and I can't wait to go back for another Star Wars Weekend. And after missing it by one day twice, I finally made it to the Flower and Garden Festival! (I loved all the topiaries!)

I decided to start a blog because I had discovered all of these fun little secrets about traveling to Disney on my many trips and couldn't find them anywhere on the internet. I was very surprised, because they were things I thought everyone knew. But soon, friends and family were coming to me for info about going to Disney World, so I figured it was time to share my tips with everyone. That was the birthplace of Disney At Heart. I hope you enjoy these tips as much as I enjoyed discovering them. I've also written for another blog Tips From the Disney Diva as the Pirate Diva. I can be found on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and Instagram, and there's always email.

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