Saturday, April 30, 2016

Captain America: Civil War Trailer - New Recruit

This trailer gives a sneak peek of Ant-Man joining Cap's team. He seems awfully excited considering what they're up against.

Captain America: Civil War arrives in theaters next Friday,  May 6.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Finding Dory Trailer - She's Almost Here

Disney has released a new teaser trailer for Finding Dory. I love the quick glimpse of all the characters, both old and new. Are you ready to return to the sea? Finding Dory swims into theaters on June 17.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tsum Tsum Short Grand Prix

The Tsums are at it again. This time they've decided to hold a Grand Prix - on Roombas! Too funny.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Disney World Announcement Roundup

Disney has released a flood of information about what is coming to the parks over the next several months. From Jungle Book inspired shows at Animal Kingdom to Soarin' Over the World, Frozen Ever After to new Star Wars Fireworks, a lot of exciting things are coming soon. Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect.

Animal Kingdom -
Starting Memorial Day Weekend, Animal Kingdom will stay open late. You'll be able to ride Kali River Rapids and Expedition Everest in the dark, as well as take a special sunset Kilimanjaro Safari. The Tree of Life will Awaken each night when animal spirits are brought to life by magical fireflies. Harambe will be filled with music and dancing during the Harambe Wildlife Parti. Discovery Island will host a Carnivale with music, dancing, stilt walkers, and exotic food. And speaking of food, Tiffins, the new world traveler restaurant, will be open for lunch and dinner. And while you're waiting for Rivers of Light to open, watch The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic Show. The show is full of music and special effects inspired by both the old film and the new, now with an Indian influence.

Soarin' has undergone a major overhaul. No longer focusing on just California, Soarin' Over the World takes guests along the Great Wall of China, around Syndney Harbor in Australia, over the Matterhorn in Switzerland, and more. Opening June 17, guests will glide over a dozen breathtaking views of the world, complete with spectacular sounds and scents. The interactive queue has been reimagined and a third screen has been added to cut wait times. Check out this sneak preview.

The Frozen Ever After attraction at the Norway Pavilion is set to open in June. Guests will take a boat tour through Arendelle. You'll see the "Winter in Summer" Celebration where Queen Elsa uses her magic to create a snow day for the kingdom, pass Troll Valley, go up the North Mountain to Elsa's Ice Palace, and return to the Bay of Arendelle. After the ride, meet Anna and Elsa at their new Royal Sommerhus, inspired by a Norwegian countryside cabin.

Hollywood Studios -
It's the summer of Star Wars at Hollywood Studios this year. Starting in June, you can see the new fireworks show "Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular." The new show combines fireworks, pyrotechnics, lighting effects and projections that turn buildings into the trench of the Death Star, the suns of Tatooine, and other familiar locations. A live show called "Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away" celebrates iconic Star Wars moments with BB-8, Kylo Ren, Chewbacca, and Darth Vader. The show begins with a procession of First Order Stormtroopers, led by Captain Phasma, from the Launch Bay to the stage. The Launch Bay features movie props and character encounters, such as Chewbacca and Kylo Ren.

Photos courtesy of Disney

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Tsum Tsum

Well, it looks like the Star Wars Tsum Tsum collections will soon be complete. Disney has released photos of the new Force Awakens Tsum Tsums. The set includes Minis Rey (complete with her tiny bun hairdo), Kylo Ren, Finn in Poe's jacket, BB-8, Finn as a Stormtrooper, Poe Dameron, a First Order Stormtrooper, Rey in her Jakku gear, and Captain Phasma. Medium sized Tsum Tsum of Kylo Ren, BB-8, and Captain Phasma as well as Large BB-8 and Kylo Ren will also be available. The collection arrives in US stores on June 21 (although they are set to appear in Japan on May 4th, Star Wars Day.) I afraid I love all of them and may end up with the entire collection. What can I say, there so cute and fluffy!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mickey Short Ku'u Lei Melody

The latest Mickey Mouse short is so cute, and surprisingly long for a short! I especially like the Minnie hula spirit. She's so adorable! And the melody Mickey is trying to discover is quite lovely.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rivers of Light

The new Animal Kingdom show Rivers of Light looks like it will make nighttime spectacular. The show, which should have its debut sometime next month, was originally set to appear on April 22, Earth Day, but has been unexpectedly delayed. The Disney World website recently released a wealth of details about this exciting new show. Here's what they had to say:

A Story at Sundown Set Aglow
Be enchanted by a brilliant spectacle of glowing lanterns, magical fireflies, dancing fountains and animal spirits.
As sunlight fades and the stars begin their twinkle, remember the instinctual feeling that we are all bound together by earth and spirit—past, present and future. Listen as the lagoon responds to the whispers of the world, cradling creatures with a symphony that swells with wild murmurs and shimmering secrets of the universe.
So begins a new light—a vibrant awakening of flitting fireflies leading a legion of lanterns cascading in a ceremonious procession across the water. With a single chime, there falls a hush—and in its place steps storytellers bearing benevolent gifts of light. These intriguing figures promise to paint the night with visual wonders, enticing you to join them on a marvelous journey.
Before your eyes, clusters of lantern light shift and shape into animal spirit forms—the Tiger, Turtle, Elephant and Owl. The storytellers call upon the Temple Lotus who materializes along with her 4 sisters, each bursting forth with dazzling fountains of water and light. These mystic hosts work in harmony to captivate your senses, conjuring stunning imagery of animals from across the world in a musical performance that can only be described as dreamlike. Spellbound, you are transported across Asian jungles and tropical oceans to African savannahs and North American mountains.
Your journey culminates in a triumphant blend of music, light, color and earthly elements. The Aurora Borealis, in its magical splendor, springs with unbridled joy as a menagerie of animals transcend above the cosmos, becoming glittering star constellations in the heavens. Immersed within a grand celestial finale, you are bestowed with an inspirational message of peace and oneness with nature.

Everything the Light Touches

Eastern festival traditions merge with innovative technology to make Rivers of Light come alive. Featuring evocative, never-before-seen footage from Disneynature, grand theatrical imagery, virtuosic live performances, a soaring original score, and innovative special effects—this nighttime spectacle employs a host of magical devices to create an experience unlike any other.
Fireflies in Flight
The flickering ornamentation of fireflies illustrates the migration of light—a central motif of the production. As the story unfolds, original video projections and choreographed laser animation combine to create the appearance of glowing fireflies, illuminating enchanting moments of the celebration like living pixie dust.
Spirited Storytelling
Mysteriously, the show’s “storytellers” never utter a word. Instead, they communicate volumes through fascinating forms of authentic Asian dance, music, song and shadow puppetry.
Light, Lanterns and Lotuses
Showstopping features include nearly 100 Asian lanterns, undulating hues of larger-than-life animal spirits and floating vessels awash in brilliant radiance. Powerful fountain jets erupting like embers from a fire and a 28-foot-tall Temple Lotus add to the visual splendor of these elements, each magically drifting into scenes—adding color, drama, shape and choreography.
A Living Landscape
Encircling the very heart of the Discovery River Lagoon and her 2 village amphitheaters is the thick embrace of a lush tree-scape. It is host and home to a unique variety of life, both in body and spirit form. This organic landscape is a central character itself, and an ever-changing canvas for the story’s unveiling.
The show sounds quite beautiful. I can't wait to see it. 
Photo courtesy of Disney.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Minnie Mouse Short Sock Burglar

While I still think the animation style in the Mickey Shorts is a little odd, I love this Minnie Mouse short. It appeals to the knitter in me. Just like Minnie, I love to knit socks (or anything else, for that matter), and I knit everywhere I go. And Bean absolutely wants a knitted ninja costume!

Friday, April 22, 2016

RIP Prince

"Nothing compares to you..."
I was saddened to learn yesterday that Prince had died. His music has long been an important part of my life. Songs like Raspberry Beret, Little Red Corvette, and 1999 make me smile whenever I hear them. He will be missed.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Avengers Tsum Tsum

Disney has announced that a second series of Avengers Tsum Tsum will be released on May 3, just in time for Captain America: Civil War. The collection includes Falcon, Vision, War Machine, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Black Panther, and the Winter Soldier (who is not pictured). Which ones will you add to your collection?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Haunted Mansion Tsum Tsum

I am absolutely in love with the latest Tsum Tsum collection. The Parks exclusive Haunted Mansion Tsums arrived in parks on April 15. They are now also available from the Disney Store online. The collection includes seven familiar faces: The Hitchhiking Ghosts Phineas, Ezra, and Gus, the Bride (Constance), Madame Leota, the Viking opera singer, and a Haunted Mansion hostess. I wonder what the hostess named her bat?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Tsum Tsum Short Ninja Castle

Here's another Tsum Tsum short: Ninja Castle. It seems the Tsums go everywhere and get into everything.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Awaken Summer

If you're planning on heading to the Disney Parks this summer, be sure to check out the Awaken Summer offer. You can save up to 30% off select rooms at Disney Resort Hotels for most nights between 6/12 and 8/25/16. And when you upgrade to a romantic and ticket package, you'll receive an exclusive BB-8 MagicBand.Check out the video below for a sneak peek at some of the fun coming to the parks this summer. Offer ends 6/10/16.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Cookie Monster and Siri

I have to say, I don't generally notice Apple ads, but this new Cookie Monster and Siri ad is hysterical! I laugh every time it comes on.

And the behind the scenes are funny, too. I love Cookie Monster!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Captain America: Civil War Trailer The past Is Prelude

Watching this trailer, you can see that everything Tony and Steve have seen and done has led up to this fight between them.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer

Marvel just released a teaser trailer for Doctor Strange. Photos of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange walking around New York began popping up on the internet in the last few weeks and he looks amazingly good. Bean and I are super excited to see this movie. Doctor Strange arrives in theaters on November 4.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Marvel's Cloak and Dagger

Disney recently announced that they are adding another live-action Marvel show to their line-up. Cloak and Dagger has been described as a superhero love story. The title duo: Cloak, Tyrone Johnson, and Dagger, Tandy Bowen, are an interracial teen couple who find themselves burdened with unexpected superpowers. Tandy can emit light daggers while Tyrone can engulf others in darkness. They quickly discover that they are better off together, but their feelings complicate an already complex situation.

Cloak and Dagger have appeared in several Marvel Comics series, and even popped up on a few episodes of the Spiderman cartoon on DisneyXD. Cloak and Dagger will debut on Freeform (formerly ABC Family) this fall.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Piper Short

In the grand tradition of Pixar films, a new short will debut with this summer's Finding Dory. The six-minute film, called Piper, tells the story of a hungry baby sandpiper who suffers from hydrophobia, fear of water. Director Alan Barillaro had noticed that the birds eat between waves, but run from the oncoming water.

"Seeing the way these sandpipers react to waves and run, I always felt, 'Gosh, that’s a film,  that’s a character,'" said Barillaro. "It's always fun to show a world we’re familiar with but from a different perspective. We’ve all been to the beach, but have we ever viewed water from just an inch off the sand? That could be very fearful from a bird’s perspective."

The story, which grew from a simple animation test into a full fledged short, tells of a child learning about the food chain from her parents, as well as another child, a hermit crab. "It's the kid at the playground feeling," says Barillaro. "You fall down and you feel so small, but you look and see someone even smaller than you brush themselves off and tackle something, and learn from that in your own way. It was important to me to stay in the kid world and see the world from Piper’s eyes, and not be from the human perspective."

Finding Dory and Piper arrive in theaters on June 17.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Captain America Virtual Reality Viewer

Kelloggs Family Rewards has created two different Virtual Reality Viewers in celebration of the upcoming premiere of Captain America: Civil War. Choose your side with either a Captain America viewer

or an Iron Man viewer.

Both viewers work with your smartphone and a free app from Kelloggs. Simply purchase specially marked packages of Kelloggs products (the entire list of eligible products can be found here) and upload your receipt to your KFR account. You need 3 codes (3 products) to order each viewer. There is a limit of two viewers per household, but that way you can get one of each. Once ordered, the viewers should arrive in 6-8 weeks. Purchases must be made between 3/8/16-9/30/16, and redeemed by 10/31/16 or while supplies last.

On a side note, there is actually a third viewer available if you purchase your Kelloggs products from Walmart.  When I added my Poptarts receipt from Walmart, I received an email saying the my Black Panther viewer had been ordered and should arrive in 6-8 weeks. So now we'll have three different looks to play with.

There is a video explaining how to assemble your viewer. It looks simple enough. It should be fun!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The BFG Trailer

Have you seen the trailer for the BFG? It's a Disney film, written by Roald Dahl, and directed by Steven Spielberg. It should be amazing! The BFG comes to theaters on July 1.

Here's the official synopsis from Disney:

The talents of three of the world's greatest storytellers - Roald Dahl, Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg - finally unite to bring Dahl's beloved classic "The BFG" to life. Directed by Spielberg, Disney's "The BFG" tells the imaginative story of a young girl and the Giant who introduces her to the wonders and perils of Giant Country. The BFG (Mark Rylance), while a giant himself, is a Big Friendly Giant and nothing like the other inhabitants of Giant Country. Standing 24-feet tall with enormous ears and a keen sense of smell, he is endearingly dim-witted and keeps to himself for the most part. Giants like Bloodbottler (Bill Hader) and Fleshlumpeater (Jermaine Clement) on the other hand, are twice as big and at least twice as scary and have been known to eat humans, while the BFG prefers Snozzcumber and Frobscottle. Upon her arrival in Giant Country, Sophie, a precocious 10-year-old girl from London, is initially frightened of the mysterious giant who has brought her to his cave, but soon comes to realize that the BFG is actually quite gentle and charming, and, having never met a giant before, has many questions. The BFG brings Sophie to Dream Country where he collects dreams and sends them to children, teaching her all about the magic and mystery of dreams. Having both been on their own in the world up until now, their affection for one another quickly grows, but Sophie 's presence in Giant Country has attracted the unwanted attention of the other giants, who have become increasingly more bothersome. Sophie and the BFG soon depart for London to see Queen Victoria (Penelope Wilton) and warn her of the precarious giant situation, but they must first convince the Queen and her maid, Mary (Rebecca Hall), that giants do indeed exist. Together, they come up with a plan to get rid of the giants once and for all.

To find out more about the BFG film, visit the BFG's official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Rogue One Teaser Trailer

Disney released a teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, on Thursday's Good Morning America. The film, which tells the story of a small Rebel group whose mission is to steal the Death Star plans, takes place shortly before episode IV: A New Hope. Felicity Jones stars in the film as Jyn Erso. She's described as "reckless, aggressive, and undisiplined." But, as she says in the trailer, "This is a rebellion, isn't it? I rebel."

Disney and  Lucasfilm intend to release additional Star Wars films every year for the next five years. Episode VIII will debut in December 2017, and a young Han Solo film should arrive sometime in 2018. Rogue One arrives in theaters on December 16.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass Posters 2

In addition to the new trailer for Alice Through the Looking Glass, Disney has released a new set of character posters. They're a little dreamier than the previous posters, which seems appropriate for an Alice film.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass Trailer 2

The new Alice Through the Looking Glass trailer is gorgeous. I can't wait to see it!

Here's the official synopsis from Disney:

Alice Kingsleigh (Wasikowska) has spent the past few years following in her father’s footsteps and sailing the high seas. Upon her return to London, she comes across a magical looking glass and returns to the fantastical realm of Underland and her friends the White Rabbit (Sheen), Absolem (Rickman), the Cheshire Cat (Fry) and the Mad Hatter (Depp), who is not himself. The Hatter has lost his Muchness, so Mirana (Hathaway) sends Alice on a quest to borrow the Chronosphere, a metallic globe inside the chamber of the Grand Clock which powers all time. Returning to the past, she comes across friends – and enemies – at different points in their lives, and embarks on a perilous race to save the Hatter before time runs out.

Alice Through the Looking Glass arrives in theaters on May 27.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Bluray

Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD today. There are several different special editions available from different retailers. I like the looks of the one from Target the best.

The collectible packaging looks cool and it comes with an extra 20 minutes of bonus features. (They aren't on a disc, but you can watch them through your Disney Movies Anywhere account.) Whichever one you choose will be well worth seeing. I had the chance to see the movie in the Disney Springs AMC Theater last December and I thought it was fantastic. It's a wonderful new chapter in one of my favorite stories, and I can't wait to watch it over and over again.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass Trailer 1

I love the new take on Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" that Pink sings during this trailer! It's perfect for an Alice film.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass Posters

Have you seen the character posters for Alice Through the Looking Glass? It appears that the costumes and makeup are as fantastical as ever.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Star Wars A New Hope as told by Tsum Tsum

This is too funny. It looks like they chose the most iconic quotes from the movie to help move the Tsum Tsum story along. Adorable!