Monday, July 4, 2011

Movies to celebrate the Fourth

I love to watch patriotic movies on the Fourth and I have several that I think are well worth watching. Here are a few of my favorites:

Stars and Stripes Forever - This is an older film, but it is finally available on DVD. It is the story of John Phillips Sousa and features the music that made him famous. It is a fantastic old musical and I used to watch it every year at my Grandma's. It is a great family film and definitely my favorite!

Independence Day - This wild invasion by aliens movie is a lot of fun. It has comedy, adventure, action, aliens, and a fantastic speech by the president that may be my favorite speech of all time.

The Patriot - This movie is an interesting look at one family's struggles during the American Revolution. It is intense, and in many ways, depressing, but it is a fascinating look at our fight for independence.

John Adams - This mini-series was incredible. It was an interesting look into the lives of John and Abigail Adams and how they each handled, both separately and together, the forging of a nation.

Liberty's Kids - This animated series was great for kids learning about the Revolutionary war. It followed three kids and their adventures with the Founding Fathers. They also have a fantastic website with games and information to help kids learn more.

Any of the American Girl movies: Felicity, Kit, Samantha, or Molly - each is a look at the times in which that girl lived. They are good for young girls to see how children used to live in our country and how they dealt with problems that occurred in America during their lives.

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