Sunday, June 9, 2013


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Well, Bean decided we had to watch Tangled last night. I'm sure this was due in part to the Tollytots Rapunzel Toddler doll we found at Goodwill yesterday. She still had her dress, very few marks on her skin (all of which washed off), but her hair was terribly Tangled (appropriate, I know.) However, she only cost $2.02, so I couldn't pass her up. I spent over an hour working on her hair, but I finally got it all straightened out. Which was when we discovered the one brunette lock in amongst the blonde. So cute!

I love Disney's version of Rapunzel. I had wanted them to make it for years, but was unsure they ever would. This was one of the darker tales from the brothers Grimm, dealing with more than just magic. The story of Rapunzel had a witch, kidnapping, a prince who was blinded by thorns, twins born out of wedlock, and many years of suffering before Rapunzel and her prince found their happy ending. Scary, right? Disney took the key elements and turned it into a story children could enjoy. This has to be one of the funniest of the Princess tales. There are obvious jokes as well as moments of subtle grownup humor. And I love Flynn Ryder, the non-traditional hero. Bean has seen it so many times that she like to quote large sections of dialogue and knows nearly all of the songs. I love listening to her sing along with the Mother Knows Best song. It's hilarious! In all, it's a great Princess movie that we enjoy watching again and again.

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