Sunday, June 30, 2013

Disney Store Scare School

 We took Bean to a special class at the Disney Store on Saturday. She attended Monsters University Scare Approaches 101. The class was short, but wild. When we approached the class, we were both given an ID and a sheet of stickers so that we could pick our monster picture. We also started thinking about names for our monsters. I named my monster Oozma and Bean named hers Fast Pink Shadow.
Scary Feet Scary Feet Scary Feet
After everyone had their IDs, our teacher walked us through the various scare techniques. We learned to do "Scary Feet", how to really "ROAR!" like Sulley, and even how to do the "Waternoose Jump and Growl."

Bean was so into her roars, that she was even selected to be a helper to get the other kids excited and loud. After learning how to scare, we had to practice until we could fill a scare canister so full that it flew around the room, which meant my mom, sister and I had to participate as well. We did a great job and were rewarded with Monsters University pennants, although we each had to roar to get them. We had a great time and a great teacher, which really added to the fun.

Monsters University ID & Pennant

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