Sunday, August 28, 2016

Princess Legos

The latest Disney Princess Lego sets are too sweet. There's a large Beauty and the Beast castle set and a smaller Rapunzel set.

Belle’s Enchanted Castle has 374 pieces. It also includes several characters, including Belle, the Beast (with a removable mask so he can become Prince Adam), Lumiere, Cogsworth,  Mrs. Potts, Chip, the Wardrobe, and the Feather duster. The Castle features multiple rooms, a balcony, stained glass window, and a rotating floor so Belle and the Beast can dance together. It's absolutely adorable, but it is rather expensive at $49.99.

Rapunzel's Best Day Ever has 145 pieces. It includes Rapunzel, a small tower, a swing (complete with a bad poster of Flynn Ryder) and Maximus the horse. This smaller set is more affordable at $19.99.

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