Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tsum Tsum City Collection

Yesterday's Tsum Tsum Tuesday saw the release of several mini sets, all celebrating famous cities around the world. There are various Mickeys and Minnies (and a Donald, Stitch, and Angel) in clothing representing each city. I love these new sets, especially London and Chicago.

Mickey is dressed as a Royal Guard and Minnie makes an adorable Queen in the London set. The box looks like Big Ben.

For Paris, Mickey and Minnie are dressed as locals with berets and striped shirts. I especially like Mickey's mustache and glasses. The box looks like the Eiffel Tower.

In Italy, Mickey is wearing a toga and Donald is dressed as a gondolier. The box looks like an Italian bus.

In Chicago, Mickey and Minnie are dressed like popular foods. Mickey makes an adorable Chicago Dog and Minnie makes a very cute deep dish pizza. The box looks like the "L" Train.

On to New York. Here, Mickey is disguised as the big apple, while Minnie is wearing an "I Love NY" shirt. The box looks like a taxi cab.
Finally, there are two different Hawaii sets. In the first, Mickey are wearing Polynesian print outfits. Mickey is ready to surf, while Minnie is going to snorkel. The box looks like a beach scene.

The last set is Stitch and his girlfriend Angel, ready to hula. They come in a themed box that says "Hawaii 01".

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