Friday, January 6, 2017

Beauty and the Beast Merchandise

We may have to wait a few more months before seeing Beauty and the Beast in theaters, but there is a lot of merchandise celebrating the film in stores now. I found a rather large collection of toys and accessories at Toys R Us yesterday.

There are quite a few dolls representing Emma Watson as Belle. There are large baby and toddler dolls as well as several fashion dolls. There are two different fashion dolls in Belle’s yellow ballgown, and one comes with the Beast. There's also a Belle in her country dress and a set with Belle and Prince Adam in their wedding finery.

A set of Castle Friends, sized to play with the fashion dolls, includes five characters: Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts, Chip, and the Plumette, the feather duster.

A tea set featuring a blinking Mrs Potts and Chip, who wobbles on his saucer are sure to be popular with little princesses. I also found a child sized ballgown and hair accessories, perfect for dressing up.

One of my favorites is the Enchanted Rose Jewelry Box. Not only does the rose bloom and light up when you open the drawer, it also plays the theme from Beauty and the Beast.

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