Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop

While exploring Hollywood Studios in June, I discovered that one of the shops had a new name.  It appears that Once Upon a Time has landed in Hollywood Studios in the guise of Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop.

When I returned to the area last weekend, I noticed that the window display is filled with objects from Storybrooke. The clocktower and the windmill from David's front yard with Katherine.

There is Henry's Once Upon a Time storybook, 

as well as the Heroes and Villains book from last season. 

a lantern that may have been used by the Dwarfs in the mine,
 and a box that reminds me of Regina,

The Sorcerer's Hat, Prince Charming's Sword, 

Regina's Spellbook and an hourglass,

 Doc and Stealthy's Axes, and a magical sword,

 Cinderella's glass slippers,

the box they used to trap Peter Pan, 
magic wands, the egg that Maleficent "guarded" that contained Rumple's true love potion, 
and a set of tea cups, one of which is chipped.

I could spend all day looking at the objects in the window. It's a lot of fun for Once Upon a Time fans to look for all of the hidden meanings behind the magical objects.

And don't forget to look down near the door of the shop. That's where you'll find a stack of The Daily Mirror newspapers with a headline from the first season "New B&B Regulations."

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