Thursday, October 8, 2015


There is magic in the world, if you know where to find it. That is the motto of the new Attractionistas dolls from the Disney Parks. These adorable dolls, which kind of remind me of Monster High dolls, were inspired by classic Disney rides. Each doll's name, clothes, pet, and even skin tone are very reminiscent of her favorite ride. On the back of the box, you'll find the story of how these friends became Attractionistas after wishing on a star one night.

First up is my favorite, Gracey. Her favorite ride is the Haunted Mansion and her pet is a bat named Grimm. Her skin is pale lavender and her hair is purple. Her dress features the Haunted Mansion wallpaper and she has a top hat with a veil. Pearl's favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean and her pet is a parrot named Jolly Roger. She has golden skin and red hair. Her skirt is a jolly roger flag and she has a large pirate hat.

Maddie's favorite ride is the Mad Tea Party and her pet is a bunny named Sugar. Her skin is pink hair is blue, green, and purple. Her dress is mixed up stripes, dots, and colors and her hat is a stack of teacups. The final doll is Celeste. Her favorite ride is Space Mountain and her pet is a greyhound named Rocky. Her skin is grey and her hair is blue with red stripes. Her black and blue outfit is very futuristic and she has goggles.

The first four dolls are currently available at multiple merchandise locations within the Disney Parks. The final two dolls, Nellie and Carrie, will be available later this fall. Nellie's favorite ride is the Jungle Cruise and her pet is a tiger. She has green skin and orange hair and wears safari gear. Carrie's favorite ride is the Carousel and her pet is a dog. She has pale blue skin and a poufy, white dress with pink and blue trim. The 12" dolls costs $29.95 each.

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