Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Once Upon a Time Season 5

We love watching Once Upon a Time. The way they've combined so many fairytales into one story is both unique and fascinating. The first four seasons have seen many changes for the main characters, both for good and for evil, and it looks like Season 5 will be no different. A lot of those changes will likely revolve around Emma Swan and the fact that she has become the Dark One. This new trailer from Comic Con is calling her the Dark Swan.

And it appears that she will live up to the name.

There will also be several new characters this season. Liam Garrigan has been cast as King Arthur, representing Camelot, and characters from Brave will also be making an appearance, which ought to make Bean (and a lot of other fans) happy. Here's a preview of Princess Merida, played by Amy Manson.

It looks like were in for a wild ride in Season 5, which premieres on September 27, 2015 on ABC. If you've somehow missed an episode or two along the way,  Seasons 1-3 are currently available on DVD and Blu-ray, and Season 4 will be available on August 18.

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