Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More New to Me Disney

I had another great weekend going garage-saling. As a result, I found some fantastic deals on fun Disney collectibles that I wanted to share.

The first thing I found was the best deal by far. I found a 20th anniversary collectors edition of Star Wars Monopoly, complete with all of the pieces, for $1. I was absolutely amazed. I honestly just glanced inside before I bought it and figured it was worth it for the pewter figures if nothing else. But, we're a major, board game loving family, so I was really hoping it was playable. When we got home, we put everything in order and checked the contents list. Then we decided to play. Bean had never played Monopoly before, but she obviously took to it like a duck to water because she creamed us! When we finally decided she'd done enough damage and totaled up what we had, Bean had $7, 612, my sister had $3,333 and I came in last with just $690 because I'd mortgaged nearly everything I had just to keep up with what I owed. It was crazy!

The next find was the one I was most excited about; I found a CD of Voices of Liberty. (I've been searching for a copy of this CD for some time, but just wasn't willing to pay what people were asking on Amazon or Ebay.) If you haven't heard them sing in EPCOT's American Adventure Pavilion, you've really missed something special. I love listening to them and try to make time to hear them every trip. The CD was in perfect condition, and at only 50cents, it was well worth the money. I've listened to it twice already and it's just like being in the rotunda, sitting on the floor and listening to the amazing voices sing classic American songs.

The last item wasn't exactly something I needed, but something I have a hard time passing up: anything Pirates of the Caribbean. I found a Pirates book called the Secret Files of the East India Trading Company. It has removable maps, a piece of cursed Aztec gold, portraits of young Jack Sparrow, and more. And it was only $1. Bean and I are both huge Pirates of the Caribbean fans, so I'm not sure who is more excited to pore over the pages of this great book.

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