Friday, December 2, 2016

Moana Lego Sets

Photos courtesy of Lego
Have you seen the adorable new Moana Lego sets? There are currently two sets available.

Moana's Ocean Voyage includes several characters: minifigures of both Moana and Maui, Hei-Hei the chicken, and two Kakamora. You can build Moana's boat as well as a transformable Te Fiti island, and a Kakamora launcher. This set retails for  $39.99.
Moana's Island Adventure includes a Moana minifigure and Pua the pig. You can build Moana's house as well as a waterfall and cook fire. There are lots of little accessories like pineapples, shells, and a map of Te Fiti. This set retails for $24.99.

These sets are for ages 5 and are available from multiple retailers. These sets would make great gifts for any Disney Lego lover. I know they're on my Christmas list.

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