Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trading with Jawas

Photo courtesy of Disney

Have you ever stopped to trade with the Jawa in the Star Wars Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios?  We've done it a few times and it's a lot of fun. You never can tell what items a Jawa will consider tradeable.  We once traded a button advertising a healthy food and received a ping pong ball in return. The next time, we offered fruit snacks, a packet of mini M&Ms, and a coloring book page, all of which were refused. Before our last attempt,  I heard about several people having good luck trading Disney pins, so we tried that. The first Jawa said to take it to the second, who then refused it.

Not willing to accept defeat, I pulled a lightsaber bag charm that I made with a rubber band loom off my pack. Finally, we'd found an item they wanted to trade for. Bean received a "Build A Droid" body, which was exactly what she was hoping for. So the next time you're in the Star Wars Launch Bay, try trading with the Jawas. It's a fun experience not to be found anywhere else.

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