Saturday, June 13, 2015

Avengers Builds at Lowes

This summer, Lowes Build and Grow is featuring the Avengers. The kits were inspired by the Marvel's Avengers Assemble animated series on DisneyXD. There will be six workshops, one every 2 weeks, where kids can build one of the Avengers' vehicles.

This kicks off today with Iron Man's Avenjet.

On June 27th, kids can build Captain America's Motorcycle.

July 11th will be Black Widow's Skycycle.

On July 25th, it's Hawkeye's Quinjet.
August 8th will be the Hulk's Tank. The final build, Thor's Chariot, will occur on August 22nd.

Registration usually starts about 12 days before each event at Lowe's Build and Grow website. Each registered child will receive a kit, an apron, goggles, and a patch. This time, instead of a regular patch, kids will receive one of 6 wedge shaped pieces that when put together form a larger patch.

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