Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Where's Olaf?


During our most recent trip to Disney World, we took along a mini Olaf, thinking that Bean might like to do a kind of Flat Stanley photography project with him. However, Bean decided that I needed to create a new game for my blog. We like to call it "Where's Olaf?" As we wandered around Disney World, I took photos of Olaf hiding out in various places. He may be hiding in a ride queue, restaurant, shop, or show. At each location, I took two photos: one closeup and one farther away. In the first photo, you can see Olaf and just a little of his surroundings. In the second, you should be able to see where he was hiding. So, for each game, I'll show you the first photo and you try to guess Where's Olaf? The next day, I'll share the second photo (with a description of where he was hiding) and you can see how you did. How well do you know Walt Disney World? How many will you be able to guess correctly? Well, here's your first photo. Where's Olaf?

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