Monday, May 18, 2015

Sneak Previews at Disney World

Disney World has started share special previews of the latest Disney movies. When I was there last week, we had the chance to see a fantastic preview of Tomorrowland at EPCOT. It was shown in the Imagination Pavilion Theater. The preview gave us a glimpse into young Frank Walker and also the importance of the T pins to Tomorrowland. It looks so amazing!

The second preview was at Hollywood Studios. In the ABC Soundstage Theater, we saw a preview of Cinderella. After introducing the characters, they showed the fairy godmother scene where she transforms the pumpkin, mice, goose, and dress to send Cinderella to the ball. Helena Bonham Carter is hilarious as the fairy godmother! I can't wait to see the rest of the film.

On May 30, the Tomorrowland preview will be removed to make way for Inside Out to arrive. They were giving out Inside Out character cards in the Emotions Garden during the Flower and Garden Festival. The characters are very interesting and the movie looks funny and insightful. Cinderella will also be replaced soon. In honor of Star Wars Weekends, you can watch the Star Wars Rebels: Ultimate Guide. I saw this over May the 4th Weekend on Disney XD. It's a great way to catch up on what has happened so far. I'm looking forward to watching many more Disney previews in the parks this coming year.

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