Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Good Witch's Family

Cassie Nightingale, the Good Witch
I love the Good Witch series of movies with Catherine Bell. They are wonderful, magical, uplifting stories of a good witch and the people that become her family. In the third movie, the Good Witch's Gift, Cassie Nightingale married Police Chief Jake Russell, after many difficulties. In the fourth movie, they are settling in as a family, although things in Middleton are far from settled. The town is divided over the construction of a bridge that would link the town to a larger city. In the midst of this turmoil, Cassie's cousin Abigail has arrived for an extended visit. But Abigail is jealous of Cassie's happiness and decides to cause a little trouble of her own. With Abigail's "double, double, toil and trouble" attitude wreaking havoc on Cassie's family and the fate of the town up in the air, what's a good witch to do?
Abigail causing trouble
I can't wait until this premieres on the Hallmark Channel on October 29, 2011. I'm sure it will be just as wonderful as the previous films, but I've heard that this one doesn't have the grandfather in it, which is rather sad. I've heard that they plan to make a fifth installment to this series, so hopefully he'll be back. If you'd like to see additional photos or read the synopsis, please go to Hallmark's The Good Witch's Family.

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