Saturday, January 30, 2010

FREE?? At Disney World?

Surprisingly, there are some freebies at Disney World. Most are small, but that doesn't make them any less fun. Today, I'll tell you about the freebies at the Magic Kingdom. The freebies start when you enter the Ticket and Transportation center. Sometimes, cast members will hand out Transportation Collector Cards as you walk up the ramp to the monorail. If you get there at the right time and your party is small enough, you may be able to ride in the front of the Monorail. They will give you each a Monorail License with a place for your name and the date on the back. 

When you reach the Magic Kingdom and pass through the gate, many of the cast members will sprinkle kids with Mickey confetti, which Bean loves to bring home. They also have round Mickey stickers that they give to children. As you pass under the railway station, don't forget to grab a map and times guide, a great free item with the date of your visit. At City Hall, they have free buttons that you can wear to let everyone know what you are celebrating. We usually go the week of Bean's birthday and make sure to get her a birthday button. All of the cast members who see the button wish her a Happy Birthday all day long. On one of our birthday trips, Bean went up to Stitch to have her picture taken and he gave her Stitch stickers. When she dressed up as Sleeping Beauty, a passing cast member gave her Aurora stickers. 

Another free item that you can request is a paper menu at many of the restaurants. The menus are usually colorful and quite decorative. It's a great way to remember a fun meal. In Fantasyland, cast members may give you a shield shaped sticker with "Honorary Prince of the Day" (Prince Charming) or "Honorary Princess of the Day" (Cinderella) on them. They are very cute. The Disney Vacation club also gives stickers to kids. Each has a photo of a character and the Disney Vacation Club logo. A slightly strange free item that you'll see a lot of is Disney World napkins. People usually end up carrying a few with them, due to eating at counter service restaurants and food carts. The napkin designs change during different times of the year and can be quite cute. 

At the Tomorrowland Speedway, kids can get an Official Speedway License with Mickey’s picture on it. There is a place on the back to enter their name and the date. Another great free collectible, which happens to be my favorite, is the Pirate scroll from Cap'n Jack's Pirate Tutorial. It's a great show with a lot of audience participation. At the end of the show, the kids who participated in the show, and often, every kid in the audience, is given a scroll proclaiming them a member of Cap'n Jack's crew. The scrolls are rather cool and are signed by Cap'n Jack himself. 

The coolest free item I've ever seen was the Tinker Bell pin that Smee gave Bean. She was getting autographs from Smee and Captain Hook outside of Pirates of the Caribbean and was using her new autograph book, which has the characters printed around the edge of each page. Captain Hook and Smee both drew all over the picture of Tinker Bell; Captain Hook X'd her out and Smee gave her devil horns and a tail. When Bean saw this, she said "Hey, that's not very nice!" Smee then pretended to be ashamed and handed her a Tinker Bell pin to make up for it. It was unexpected and very cool!

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