Monday, June 26, 2017

Funko's Disney Treasures Boxes Subscription

When Funko announced that they were adding a Disney Treasures box to their subsciption lineup, I was excited. I've been thinking about ordering one of the Marvel or Star Wars boxes because they sounded pretty cool, but I didn't want a million t-shirts. The Disney Treaures boxes seemed like the perfect choice: Disney POPVinyls and few, if any, t-shirts.

When I saw a sneak peek of a character from the first box, Pirate's Cove, I knew I had to have it. I wanted the Mr. Smee POPVinyl to go with the Captain Hook I've had for years. Since the boxes contain exclusive collectibles, it made a subscription very appealing. I will admit, I did watch the spoiler video, which showed another item from the first box, a Dorbz Ridez of the Wicked Wench complete with a captain sporting a beribboned, braided beard. I ordered the six box plan, one every other month for a year, and began waiting for it to arrive.

Several weeks later, a box arrived, printed to look like a chest with a Mickey padlock. I couldn't wait to see what other treasures would be inside. When I opened the lid, I found a Captain Hook patch, a pirate Mickey pin, and a Disney Treasures Pioneer pin. The inside of the lid showed a map with all of the themed lands marked on it. Under the flap was a paper with more information about the collectibles on one side, and a fold-out map with a dotted line from Pirate's Cove to the next destination, Festival of Friends, on the other. There was also a Pirate's Cove sticker.

Finally, the moment I'd been waiting for, the collectibles. First up was Mr. Smee, looking absolutely adorable from his stocking cap to his toes, with his belly peeking out in between. Next up was the Wicked Wench, a highly detailed vessel with a removable captain. The final item came in a tin decorated with scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Inside was the cutest little Captain Jack Sparrow Mystery Mini. He even has his compass.

I was very happy with the first box, but had two months to wait for the second one. When June arrived, I received an email with tracking information for the next box from Funko. I waited for it, and waited, and waited, and waited, all the while trying not to see any of the unboxing videos cropping up everywhere. Somewhere between DHL and USPS, the tracking stopped. After several very annoying days, I had to file a missing package claim just to get USPS to actually deliver my package. It arrived the next day. So far, the shipping method is my only real complaint about the subscription.

Box number two was similar to the first. It contained a Piglet patch and a Thumper pin in the top. Under the flap was a flying Dumbo with Timothy on his hat. It has a clear acrylic stand attached to the bottom so Dumbo can "fly". The second figure was a POPVinyl Pluto, who.was very cute. The last figure was in a tin decorated with scenes from Toy Story Mania. Inside was the most adorable Sherriff Woody, Mystery Mini. He really is too cute, from his plaid shirt to the tiny pull string loop on his back.

So far, I'm very happy with the additions to my Funko Disney collection. And if you can avoid all the spoiler videos, it's a lot of fun to open up a new surprise every other month. If you've considered purchasing one of Funko's subscription boxes, try the Disney Treasures. It's perfect for Disney collectors. The next box's theme is Tiny Town. So far, the box will contain a Flying Tinker Bell POPVinyl. It will ship out sometime around the first week of August.

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