Saturday, July 30, 2016

Morimoto Asia

I recently had the chance to eat at Morimoto Asia for the first time. It was absolutely fantastic! Located in the center of Disney Springs, this two story restaurant has a beautiful, and classy, overall look and feel. The main dining room has amazing chandeliers and subdued lighting. We were seated in a curtained area under the stairs, which was unique, but cozy.

Since this was our first visit, we spent a lot of time looking over the extensive menu. They have a wide variety of Asian inspired dishes to suit a variety of tastes. We chose several different items, and enjoyed them all.

I ordered the Sesame Balls, which are filled with a red bean paste, and the Orange Chicken. The Sesame Balls were wonderful, served hot, and sweet enough to be a dessert without being too sweet. The Orange Chicken was tangy and very orangy, but not spicy which made me happy, and the Chinese broccoli was the perfect side, sautéed lightly with garlic. I also had a Thai Tea, which tasted smoky and creamy. I loved all of it!

My sister had the Spicy Salmon Roll and the Chicken Pad Thai. She said the Salmon Roll was so good that it may have ruined all other sushi for her. The Chicken Pad Thai was really good as well, a perfect balance of chicken, noodles, bean sprouts and egg in a wonderful tamarind sauce.

The kids' menu, although not strictly Asian food, has enough options to please even picky eaters. And kids' entrees come with a Boba soda and dessert as well, for a very reasonable price. And they don't mind if older kids order from the kids' menu either, which is a great relief when you want to try something a little more exotic, but the kids don't. The kids' menu also includes three sheets of origami paper and instructions for folding a fish, frog, and crane.

Bean had Morimoto's Macaroni and Cheese, which has white and yellow cheddar and Pandora breadcrumbs on top. They have different Boba soda each day, and that day's flavor was blueberry. It was delicious and very fruity. For dessert, she chose the Fondue Churros with Nutella. She thought they were absolutely wonderful.

I've been dining at Disney for years, and while I haven't tried every restaurant,  I've eaten in quite a few. Morimoto Asia may be my new favorite! I'll definitely be making reservations there on my next trip.

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