Friday, May 20, 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass OPI Colors

OPI has a gorgeous new collection of nail polish colors inspired by Alice Through the Looking Glass. I love the way OPI creates colors that are very representative of Disney films, yet not so extreme that you can't wear them every day. The Alice collection has nine colors, one of which is a limited edition.

Fearlessly Alice - a very Alice shade of medium blue
A Mirror Escape - a glittery gold
Having a Big Head Day - a red inspired by Iracebeth, the Red Queen
Mad For Madness Sake - a crazy shade of fuchsia
The I's Have It - a pale, powder blue
Oh My Majesty - a soft, pearly alabaster
What's the Hatter With You? - a very dark burgundy
I'm Gown For Anything - an opaque pinky lilac
What Time Isn't It? - a special edition matte black with silver sliver glitter, (not pictured)

A mini collection of four color is also available, featuring the The I's Have It, Oh My Majesty, I'm Gown For Anything, and Having a Big Head Day.

There's an additional set of two full sized bottles in Hatter colors: What's the Hatter With You? and Mad For Madness Sake.

Which color is your favorite? I'm rather partial to Oh My Majesty and What Time Isn't It? The Alice Through the Looking Glass collection can be found anywhere OPI is sold.

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