Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pirates of the Caribbean Tsum Tsum

I was already ridiculously fond of Disney’s Tsum Tsums when I heard that they were releasing a Pirates of the Caribbean set. I immediately added them to my list of must find souvenirs for my latest trip to Disney World. Previously, Tsum Tsum were only available at Once Upon a Toy in Disney Springs. But they've slowly been adding them to select shops in each park. I found these at Beverly Sunset in Hollywood Studios.

Bean and I had a great time choosing which piratey Tsums to buy. In the end, we picked four: the muddy pig, "we wants the redhead", the peg leg parrot, and the dog with the keys. They seemed to be the most iconic parts of the ride. There are three additional Tsum Tsums available: a bearded pirate, a pirate captain, and a skeleton pirate.

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