Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Disney Princess Legos

Have you seen the newest Disney Princess Legos? They are so cute! They have released several Duplo Princess sets in the last few years, but these are the first Lego sets. The minifigures are similar to the Lego Friends sets, with tiny shaped faces rather than the yellow round heads from my childhood. They have several different hair accessories for each princess, from bows to crowns, and they can also wear any of the accessories from the Lego Friends sets.

There are two Ariel sets, one where she is a mermaid and the other where she is a girl. The first is called Ariel's Amazing Treasures. It's an under the sea set with mermaid Ariel, her fish pal Flounder, a treasure chest, gate, and seaweed.
The second set is called Ariel's Magical Kiss. It has Prince Eric's castle and dock, as well as a boat and the lagoon where Ariel and Eric nearly shared their first kiss. It also has a table and thrones inside the castle where they can share a meal. There's even a tiny frog to serenade them as they float along. The Ariel sets are Bean's favorite.

The Brave set, Merida's Highland Games, is my favorite. Merida is so cute, and her curly red hair is perfect. The set includes Merida, her brothers Hamish, Hubert, and Harris in bear form, and even two tiny wisps. There are three scenes as well, a tree, a catapult that launches tarts, and her father's castle, complete with the family tapestry hanging on the wall. She also has a tiny bow and target for her archery practice.
The Tangled set is called Rapunzel's Creativity Tower. It has Rapunzel, Flynn Ryder, and even a tiny Pascal. Rapunzel's tower is filled with things for her to do, from painting to baking, to capturing Flynn. Rapunzel even has a frying pan to whack people over the head with.
There are also two Cinderella sets. The first is called Cinderella's Dream Carriage. The set includes Cinderella, her blue coach with the awesome filigree wheels, a horse to pull the carriage, a fountain, and the garden bench where Cinderella's Fairy Godmother first made her wish come true.
 The second set is called Cinderella's Romantic Castle. This is the most expensive set, but the castle is impressively large. It includes Cinderella and her Prince, a dog and cat who must be Lucifer, a bathroom complete with bathtub, a throne room, and a garden that's perfect for a picnic and even has a tree swing.

I'm addicted to Legos and was very happy to see these new sets that are more girl friendly. While I don't believe that any toy is only for one gender or the other, it's nice to see companies create toys with themes that children love.

Photo Credit: Lego

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