Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom

Sleepy Hollow is a little counter service snack spot located in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. The name and sign with the Headless Horseman come from the classic Washington Irving tale the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Disney made a short and very funny cartoon based on the story that was narrated by Bing Crosby. The building was even designed to look like Irving's home, Sunnyside, in Tarrytown, NY.

Sleepy Hollow has a limited, but delicious, collection of offerings. Most of their items are desserts, which are great for breakfast, and include fantastic waffles. The waffles, which are fairly large, are available with a variety of toppings. You can get powdered sugar, cinnamon, strawberries and whipped cream, or one of three specialty sandwiches: Nutella with fresh fruit, sweet and spicy chicken, or ham, prosciutto, and swiss with tomatoes. I got the chance to try the new sandwiches last fall, and they are divine! Bean and I loved the Nutella waffle, and my dad and sister raved over the ham and swiss one.

Other Sleepy Hollow favorites include funnel cakes with either powdered sugar, cinnamon, or strawberries and whipped cream, ice cream sandwiches, and Coke or root beer floats. My favorite drink is the Liberty Swirl Slush, which is a combination of strawberry and blue raspberry Fanta slushes. They also serve iced coffee plain or as a float in three flavors. In addition to the fancy drinks, they also offer the usual Coke products, coffee, tea, cocoa, juice, milk, and even soy milk. And if you like collectible cups, be sure to get the souvenir stein with Ichabod on one side and the Headless Horseman on the other.

Sleepy Hollow is finally a part of the Disney Dining Plan, but is doesn't include the waffles. The waffle sandwiches are around $7 and the dessert waffles and funnel cakes are between $4.50 and $6. If you are just looking for a small snack or a light meal, I would recommend sharing a waffle or funnel cake, as they are definitely large enough to split. The floats and slushes are about $4.

As you exit with your food, there is a nice, breezy, covered seating area to your right. Sleepy Hollow isn't near any other dining or attraction, so this area is often quiet and fairly empty. It's a great spot to relax without feeling like you're in the middle of everything.

This is my favorite snack stop at the Magic Kingdom any time of year, but especially at Halloween. At Halloween time, Sleepy Hollow sports several themed pumpkins. My favorite has the name Ichabod written on it with the quill pen nearby and is surrounded by fall leaves. Another pumpkin features the Headless Horseman on his rearing steed.

If you're in the mood for a great snack at the Magic Kingdom, give Sleepy Hollow a try. You'll be glad that you did.

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